1. Karen Naked in school (Part 4)

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    much fun?" Jack pushed me through the house, back to the living room. "It was just a joke!" I protested. "I've been so embarrassed and scared... I thought it would be funny to see someone else feel that way for a change!" I looked around at the guys. They looked pretty upset. "I'm... sorry!" "It was really funny," George nodded, looking at me angrily. "We never made you do anything you didn't want to do, and we cooperated with your little request, too." "You're going to have to pay for your trick," Jack told me in a chilly tone. "You abused our trust without our consent, so I don't think what comes as a result needs your consent." I started to turn toward him to protest. "Don't say anything," he ordered me. "No words at all, unless someone tells you to, or asks you something, and then say just what you're told. Don't meet anyone's eyes, or you'll get slapped. You're going to fully cooperate with whatever we decide to do with you for the rest of the morning. If someone grabs at your body, you will not avoid them or try to get away. Even if something hurts, you just have to put up with it and enjoy it the best you can. Now move your legs wide apart and act like the slut you really are." I obeyed, looking down at the floor, feeling very nervous. He reached for my chest and roughly grabbed my breasts. "We can go ahead, right?" George said from behind me. "Sure, do anything you want with her," Jack said cheerfully. I felt hands on my behind, then they were pulling my buttocks ... apart a little. Someone slid his fingers in my vagina, then into my ass, which hurt some. I yelped, and almost looked up, but kept my eyes down and kept meekly looking at the floor. "We should have her have sex with Roger," someone suggested. "Will you do that, Karen?" Roger asked. I blushed hard but nodded. They'd just make me do it anyway. There was laughter from several guys. "Sure she will," Ted said. "She'll do it on top. Sit down over there on the couch, Roger, and let her get on top of you." The other guys continued running their hands over my body for a couple of minutes. I had to keep my hands behind my head and my legs wide open, letting them handle me however they wanted. It was humiliating; they laughed and teased me, but I was responding, breathing more heavily and squirming, and there was no way for me to hide that from them. "Ready for her, Roger?" Jack asked. "All right," he replied, hesitant but also eager. Someone held my wrists together and forced me over to the couch. "Have you ever done it from on top before?" he asked me. I shook my head, and looked timidly at Roger on the couch. His cock was hard and purple, and he was sitting naked on the couch and looking up at me. WHACK! I was slapped across the face from behind, hard. "Keep your eyes down, slut!" the guy behind me said sharply. "Sorry!" I apologized in a sob. WHACK! He slapped me again. "Be quiet, no one asked you to talk. Spread your knees wide apart, and lower yourself so his cock goes right in your ...